Offering career-oriented recycling education for youth and adults, solutions to get more value from recycling, and a model for job creation*!

We are unique in Colorado in offering this three-pronged approach:

  • General recycling education for youth and adults
  • Training and connection to careers in the industry
  • Separation and collection of recyclable glass - preventing contamination of the single stream



* Proud to link with the City of Denver and the "My Brother's Keeper" program to bring the value of recycling careers to young men of color in Denver's urban communities!


Recycling Creates Jobs - EPA stats show 10 in recycling for every one in landfill



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Our society is faced with two mounting problems: (1) the waste of valuable materials and (2) joblessness.

Jobs For Thy Neighbor (JFTN) addresses both.

  • We have designed an education program that encourages young people to recycle, teaches them how to educate others, and provides building blocks and connections to careers in the recycling industry.
  • As a member of Colorado Association For Recyclers (CAFR) we help recycling businesses access federal dollars to provide on-the-job training and jobs for new people entering the industry.
  • We are experienced working with at-risk jobseekers to provide exposure to pro-social skill-building and career education including job shadowing, on-the-job training, and internships leading to employment.
  • We can help Denver area faith communities provide recycling education to their congregants and take actions to increase community-wide recycling.
  • Single-stream glass makes recycling less profitable. To help solve this problem, and create jobs, we are now piloting a unique glass-only recycling and collection program at four Denver area churches yielding high quality (<5% contamination) glass.



Colorado currently recycles only about a quarter of its solid municipal waste.

Compare that to states like California which has successfully achieved a mandate of at least 50% statewide diversion for over a decade!


We can do better.


Increasing our recycling rate to 75% in
the United States would:

▽ Source△ Source

Based on findings from More Jobs, Less Polution, a 2011 National Report from the Tellus Institute, prepared for the BlueGreen Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Service Employees International Union, Recycling Works! and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA). The report shows that increasing our recycling rate will both conserve our natural resources and create jobs, with a significant amount of those jobs coming in manufacturing.

- California's diversion rate mandate

Denver Recycling Information


JOBS FOR THY NEIGHBOR featured at 2015 CAFR Summit!

JFTN was proud to be featured as official speakers/presenters at the Colorado Association For Recycling (CAFR)2015 annual Summit for Recycling. The Summit Summit is a dynamic conference and exhibition that brings together the state's recycling professionals and individuals dedicated to the principles of recycling, waste prevention and composting. Our presentation focused on the success of our replicable youth recycling education program, and how young people can change the script on recycling.

.Why Get The Glass Out?

Join Jobs For Thy Neighbor to "Get The Glass Out",
and drop off your glass bottles and jars at the following
Central Denver locations:

Our Savior’s Lutheran
915 East 9th Avenue
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Capitol Heights Presbyterian
1100 Fillmore Street
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First Unitarian Society
1400 Lafayette Street
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First Baptist Church
1373 Grant Street (across from the Capitol) 
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Why Get The Glass Out?


Faith communities and the organizations that care
about their neighbors can be active partners
in creating jobs and helping the environment.

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